ld extankent thickening agent for coating

Technical Background Rheological Additives TEGO

Rheological addi tives (thickeners) must therefore be used to adjust the flow properties of water borne coatings and printing inks. Rheology (Greek: rheos = flow or streaming, logos = word/science) is the study of deformation and flow of sub stances. Flow is the continuous deforma tion of a material under the influence of.

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Flattening Agent . PPG Silica Products

From flattening agents to anti corrosion pigments to thickening agents, PPG silica products are used in coating, paint and adhesive applications.

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CELLOSIZE Hydroxyethyl Cellulose The Dow Chemical Company

surface coatings. It is also used as a thickening agent in wallpaper paste. CELLOSIZE HEC improves the workability of gypsum plaster by increasing the open and trowelling times. It is superior to other cellulosics in compressive and flexural strengths and in dimensional stability. Cosmetics and Detergents. CELLOSIZE HEC.

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Scanned Document Dispersions & Pigments

The role of thickeners in optimizing coatings formulations. Clemens Auschra", Iván García Romero", Immanuel Willerich", Robert Reichardt",. Cindy Muenzenberg, Elena Martinez", Hunter Het. "BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany, BASF Company Ltd., Shanghai, China. This paper was presented by Dr. Sascha Oestreich at.

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ACRYSOL Rheology Modifiers . Dow Coating Materials

Dow introduced the paint and coatings industry to associative thickening with ACRYSOL HASE and HEUR Rheology Modifiers. . ACRYSOL HASE Thickeners are steeply shear thinning and well suited to high viscosity, thick film applications, such as caulks, mastics, EIFS finishes, driveway sealers and craft paints.

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