paul.jpgFor all his life, Paul has been an independent-minded leader. Growing up as one of six children in the working class neighborhood of Dorchester, he learned the values that make a true leader—honesty, hard work, humility, and a sense of fairness. Educated by the sisters at St. Brendan’s, the Jesuits of B.C. High, naval officers at Annapolis, college professors at Tufts and Boston College, and finally law professors at Suffolk Law School, Paul earned high grades from some of the best teachers in America. He was taught at an early age that knowledge is the most powerful tool there is, and his passion to acquire it has never diminished.

Throughout his youth, Paul worked to help pay the bills—selling hotdogs at Fenway Park, working construction, union labor, real estate brokerage, and many other jobs. These early working experiences formed the backdrop to a successful career as a business leader. Not many law school graduates with no capital and no connections hang out their shingle to start a practice on their own. But, in 1978, that’s what Paul did. He proceeded to grow his one man operation, which sat above the cinema on Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester, into five law offices in Eastern Massachusetts, with ten lawyers and twenty other employees. Paul represented indigent defendants in District Court, helped thousands of homeowners buy their homes, and provided a variety of other legal services as he built a successful law firm. He gained valuable experience managing a growing small business in a challenging economic environment.

In 1992, Paul left the law firm to oversee the initial public offering (IPO) of The DeWolfe Companies, Inc., a small but growing real estate and homeownership company based in Lexington, MA. Over the next decade, Paul served as General Counsel, Clerk, President of the mortgage subsidiary, President of the real estate operations, and finally as President of the parent company. During those years, DeWolfe was one of the most successful and fastest growing public companies in New England. Paul was able to attract and manage a talented leadership team to support more than a hundred offices providing homeownership services in five states. After the Company was acquired by a national conglomerate at the end of 2002, Paul began a multi-year transition that culminated in the 2014 publishing of his carefully researched treatise The Commonsense Rules. This prodigious book includes a comprehensive analysis of the constitutional underpinnings of American government, the fiscal and economic challenges that loom ahead, and a complete package of innovative, non-partisan policy proposals.*

Paul has taken a leadership role in industry groups and community organizations, including as a director and chairman of the Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association and as an active coach and organizer of youth sports. He has been registered as an independent (“unenrolled”) voter for decades. Paul and his wife Christine raised three children in Duxbury – Ethan, Carlie, and Meredith – during their 26 years as homeowners there. Paul and Christine are currently homeowners in Chatham.

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