Paul Harrington Turns in Nomination Signatures

signatures.jpg2,700 certified signatures delivered to Secretary of State

Boston, MA – August 24, 2016 – It was a quiet summer Wednesday when Paul Harrington, independent candidate for Congress, unceremoniously rode the elevator to the 17th floor of the McCormack Building on Ashburton Place in Boston. Through the window of Room 1705, he handed a thick stack of official yellow nomination papers containing more than 2,700 signatures of registered voters in the 9th Congressional District. Since the required number was 2,000, an Election Division official routinely (after completing the count) provided a receipt indicating that Paul J. Harrington would be listed as an Independent on the ballot for the November 8 General Election (barring a successful challenge).

During the month of July, amid the long, unbearable heat wave, Paul and several stoic supporters stood outside under the searing sun (ducking intermittently back into the shade). As potential signers attempted to go about their business they were asked to help Paul get on the ballot. Amazingly, a large percentage stopped in the brutal heat to participate in this archaic form of democracy. More than 3,200 residents from 25 different towns in the 9th Congressional District were nice enough to sign. After many trips back and forth to Town Clerk’s offices throughout the District, more than 2,700 signatures were identified as currently registered voters.

"It is quite a challenge to acquire the necessary signatures without a Party organization or paid signature firm, especially in that heat,” Harrington said. “I am very grateful to everyone who signed and, of course, to the tireless campaign workers who remained pleasant and courteous while positively representing the campaign. Personally it was a valuable experience and the response to my message was incredibly supportive. I had the opportunity to meet thousands of potential constituents, and had substantive discussions with hundreds. I was amazed at the level of dissatisfaction with the political system and especially the two-Party duopoly, and greatly encouraged by the enthusiastic support for my candidacy. It was a learning experience.”

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